Time Warner Building

Worked through the pre-construction estimating and cost analysis of steel vs concrete, assisted in vetting the Construction Manager approval process for both the interior $150M tenant renovation and the exterior core / shell work.

Analyzed contractor and subcontractor change orders with recommendations for approval of costs.

During the pre-construction process, Frank R. LaRuffa was asked to consider accepting the position of General Field Superintendent or Project Executive whomever was selected as the Core / Shell Construction Manager. As suggested to Time Warner from outside sources that Frank R. LaRuffa was one of five or so probable construction people with the experience / qualifications in NYC to handle a project of this magnitude +/- $5.8B

picture regerence: crainsnewyork.com/apps/pbcsi.dll/storyimage/CN/20160628/BLOGS03/160629852/AR/0/Time-Warner-Center.jpg